Freelance Media Producer

BECA CAGE Equipment Assistant Supervisor – San Francisco State University

BECA CAGE Equipment Tech – San Francisco State University

News Assistant – KCRA 3


B.A. BECASan Francisco State University

A.A. Interdisciplinary Studies – Folsom Lake College

  • Television Production

  • Recording Studio Techniques I

  • Recording Studio Techniques II

  • Mass Media and Society

  • Theater Arts

New Media

Crescent Isle (Host) YouTube Channel

Ampersand (Host) RPG Show

Dumpshock (Host) Game Review Show

Dragon Prey (Host) RPG Show

Gator Attack (Host) Radio/Video Podcast

Inane Talk (Host) Video Podcast


Finnish Minutia Medium, Aug 13 2017

JSR Past Medium, Aug 6 2017

Sunset Riders: Senate & The Patriot Act Medium, May 28 2015

Media Perception of the Crisis in Ukraine Medium, May 19 2015

Kia Man (Web Comic Creator) 2009

Slash and thrust Sac City Express (Quote), Oct 15 2012

Rules of engagement Sac City Express (Quote), Nov 23 2010

By the sword Sac City Express (Quote), Mar 22 2010

Fencing Club Lunges to Top Spots Sac City Chronicles (Mention), Nov 6 2009

Which is for you? Sac City Express (Quote), Sep 30 2009



The Giz Wiz, Episode 1374

NSFW Show, Episode 137

Scam School, Episode 233


Texture Tour 2022 (Producer) Innersense

Social Media Videos (Producer) Innersense

Detox Hair Mask (Producer) Innersense

True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub (Producer) Innersense

Inspiration Awards (Videographer) Clari T Media

The Bay Area Mental Health Hour Show (DP) Clari T Media

GLAM 2018 EX1 EX2 (Director of Photography) GLAM

Fallin’ For You (Director) jQuelz

Social Media Videos EX1 EX2 (Producer) Mc-COY

No TimeMc-COY (Director of Photography) Hipular Records

Faculty Award Interviews 2018 (Director of Photography) SFSU

Meet The Drapers (BTS/Interview Camera) Sony

Social Media Videos EX1 (Director of Photography) Dil Mil

Discovery Day at AT&T Park (Camera) Inverness Research

MonstersMc-COY (Director of Photography) Hipular Records

Future State Promo (Director of Photography) SFSU

Faculty Award Interviews 2017 (Director of Photography) SFSU

Generaciones (2nd Camera Assistant) SF Giants

SomosSF (2nd Camera) SF Giants

Steak & Wedges with Guacamole (Producer) Striking Aspect Productions
Winner SFSU Directing/Editor Club Summer Award

BECA Presents: Bill Holshevnikoff (Prod.) SFSU BECA DE Club

Raquel "Pretty Beast" Miller Interview (DP) Clari T Media

Brian Culbertson Napa Valley Jazz getaway (DP) Clari T Media EX1 EX2 EX3

"She Loves Me Back" Live Performance (DP) Clari T Media

Campus Ideas Week Findings (Director of Photography) SFSU

Jeff Jacoby Faculty Bio (Director of Photography) SFSU

SFSU Winter Sports Preview (Reporter) SFSU GSN

Across the Room - Cuzin P (Asst.Director) Digital Order Productions


Internal Fire (Director of Photography) Clari T Media

Stagehands (Assistant Producer) SFSU


The Brown Bachelorette (Second DP) Dil Mil

The Escape (Producer) Hydra 5

Opaque Interview (Producer/Talent) Hydra 5

Folding Time (Producer) Hydra 5

Two Pods and a Pea (Producer/Talent) Phamily Films
PCS Audience Favorite & Producer’s Choice Awards

The Chozen (1st Cam Asst./Boom Op) Digital Order Productions

Ivy (Production Assistant) Wagner Media

Live Multicam

Mc-COY at The People’s Party (Producer) Hipular Records

Under SF Season 2 (Director) SFSU

Gator Sports Net: Soccer/Volleyball (Producer) SFSU

Infected! Pilot (Recording Engineer) CRC

Abbreviations (Audio Assistant) CRC

It’s a Date (Talent) CRC